Pia – Bass/Vocals
Mart – Gitarre/ Sampler
Felix – Drums/Synth

Founded in spring of 2015, the band played more than 100 shows in Austria, Italy and Germany. They gained an underground crowd, following their shows constantly.


Different influences and inspired by all sorts of music styles are the main reasons why the trio doesn’t follow any specific direction in the deep jungle of genres.

Heavy  guitars in combination with smooth progressive parts,
a straight fuzzy bassline, aggressive drums, spacy synth- and sample parts and
a characteristic blues influenced voice are the main features of the Giant Anteater Sound.


In addition to the traditional Giant Anteater lineup, they started a new project
focused on self-made acoustic music: “Giant Anteater Acoustic Sessions”.

An acoustic show at the “Solsteinhaus”, 1805 meters above sea level was the reason to come up with more acoustic stuff.  In august 2015 the band made a deal with one
of the finest hotels in Innsbruck called “Grauer Bär”. Almost 2 years they filled the old luxury hotel with Giant Anteater sound regularly.

In summer 2015 the members quit their fulltime jobs to follow the most important thing in their lives: Music.


In autumn they decided to record their first album “LAST DANCE”  together with producer Georg Gabler and sound engineer Oliver Kamaryt in the “GAB music factory, vienna which will be released in October 2017.

The band is releasing their upcoming single “ Evil Man” on their label “PANTA R&E records” on the 17th of March